Eminent in social service | Some Best Bollywood celebrities

Some Best Bollywood celebrities

There is always more good than bad in the world, here Some Best Bollywood celebrities that’s why many people do good things in their life according to their abilities. And if celebrities also do the same, their good name will not only increase many times but also they will be inspired for their good works and come towards social and humanitarian services. Some Best Bollywood celebrities are mentioned today.

Aamir Khan’s ‘Pani Foundation’


Aamir Khan’s organization ‘Pani Foundation’ is currently working on a project to provide clean water to rural areas of Maharashtra, India, along with other states in India. The company was created by Aamir Khan and his wife in 2016. Under the ‘Pani Foundation’, Aamir Khan organizes a competition called ‘Water Cup’ every year between all the villages where the foundation works. In this competition, a cup is awarded to the village that has done the best in solving water related problems. The purpose of this competition is to create awareness among people about water. In this endeavor of Aamir Khan, the Government of Maharashtra in India is also supporting him.


Shah Rukh Khan deserves the ‘Crystal Award’


Eminent in social service

Shah Rukh Khan runs a charity called ‘Meer Foundation’ which provides free treatment and legal aid to women victims of acid attacks. In January this year, the World Economic Forum meeting was held in the city of Davis, Switzerland, where various individuals working for the rights of women and children were honored with the Crystal Award. At the World Economic Forum, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was awarded for his work for the rights of children and women in India, Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett for his campaign for refugees and musician John Elton for his work against AIDS.


Another name for Khitmat Khalq is ‘Salman Khan’


Eminent in social service

Salman Khan is known for his blockbuster films but his contribution to social service through his NGO ‘Being Human’ is bigger than his films. He will distribute the amount earned through this to the poor, needy and those who cannot get medical treatment.’ Being Human’ has also adopted several villages in the state of Maharashtra and beyond. The organization also strives to provide valuable education to underprivileged children across India. Salman Khan is also a great painter and proceeds from the auction of his paintings go to charity.


Mother Teresa Memorial Award to Priyanka Chopra


Eminent in social service

Popular Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is always in the news for her social work and helping refugees along with her acting. She is also an Honorary Ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF). Priyanka was honored with the Mother Teresa Memorial Award for her other social services and for helping Syrian refugee children.

Along with Priyanka Chopra, Pakistani student Malala Yousafzai, Abdul Sattar Edhi’s wife Bilkis Bano Edhi, Karan Bedi, Anahazare and Sushmita Sen also received the Mother Teresa Memorial Award.




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